ORBICS: Ancient IBC ORBs, teleports to history of Cosmos

Inspired by ancient civilisations, their traits got mixed in the teleporting process producing unique combinations of components and transaction data.

Traits / Components

Unique Transactions

Unique transactions from selected Cosmos chains are used as time travel engine. These provide fuel to the movement and impact the size of particles bubbling inside the ORBICS.

3D Renders

Each trait is brought from time travel across the IBC ecosystem, scanned and
rendered in Unreal Engine for the ultra high quality look and feel.


Sound features traditional instruments from ancient civilisations on Planet Earth including cutting edge sound synthesis techniques used on the far side of the universe.

Ancient Civilisations


Gold are tall and muscular anthropoids, with two luminous eyes, typically gold. The Gold are very agile and physically strong. Their strands facilitate the basic psychic communal link all Gold naturally shares. Their females produced a distinct quality of voice. Their sonics incorporated custom tuning systems and intricate string instruments they have used in transactions and rituals. This rare civilisation inhabited far areas of Cosmos. Gold units and buildings display smooth and elegant designs, usually emphasising gold texture on armour and vehicles/ships and feature blue energy highlights.


Stone were determined to create the perfect lifeform. They arrived from another galaxy and seeded and cultivated thousands of various species effectively becoming the most common one. Utilising natural resources and medicine from cloud forests they have created thousands of temples and relics. Wind and air was heavily used in their sonics which resulted in creation of some of the most intricate wind instruments in the galaxy. Legends state that the Stone are capable of communicating with animals and plants and that comes through in buildings they created.


Techno are a future version of anthropoid and evolved species representative of humanity turned into mechs. Considered an adaptive and mobile species when faced with existential threat The Techno have the ability to quickly access and drain a planet's resources.
Born with advanced powers such as telekinesis and a mind blast. Their buildings are futuristic made of metal and innovative ways of using fluids and energy. Thanks to Techno ORBICS can restore energy and are capable of longer time travel.


Cyber - The cross between android and anthropoid species. Their technology is the most advanced of any race discovered in the ORBIC series, designed to complement and enhance their psychic mastery; they are generally characterised by their social and political hierarchies, strict moral codes, and deeply philosophical culture. They have developed a new method to restore their shields, by using transparent orbs, which perform as mobile shield batteries. This technology contributed to ORBICS teleportation to the 4th dimension of the Cosmos universe and provided protection against solar rays and asteroid storms.


Primal were the first sapient anthropoid species originating from jungle planets on the fringe of Cosmos. They were once largely tribal with a strong warrior culture. The Primal are depicted as a physically large and strong species with natural psychic visions. Their language incorporated highly rhythmic timbres. Primal civilisation utilised wood and natural resources in habitats they occupied, which comes through in ORBICs teleported from this part of the galaxy.