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Co-Founder, Visual Designer

My work is based on mixed reality experiences and generative art. Throughout my career, I was involved in many art projects based on various data sources. Most pieces were large-scale projection mappings, theater visuals, live VJ sets, and digital installations.
My passion for code and collaboration in the new media art scene brought me to AR and metaverse which is my focus for the long-term future.


Koshi Mazaki

Co-Founder, Sound Designer

Sound and New Media artist focused on audiovisual art since 2007. Koshi showcased his works on festivals in the Europe, the USA and Asia.
Working with the Last Slice Collective designs sound for events in Decentraland creating unique experiences for companies like Samsung, Playboy and key NFT projects. Koshi is working as an advisor for number of NFT projects. IRL collaborates with synth manufacturers, research institutions and commercial projects. He is testing equipment before it hits the shelves, designing presets and creating sound for variety of media.

As an entrepreneur he have received international funding and awards for his start-up projects and ideas across art/science and technology. His recent NFT project Glitch Candies was selected and sold out among genesis projects on Stargaze.